Photo of Bernadette Irizarry

Bernadette Irizarry

February 21, 2018 by UX-RADIO

A creative leader with roots in graphic design and sculpture, Bern has led cross-disciplinary teams for 20+ years. She has been doing UX since the web was grey, and delights in combining the aesthetic with the usable.

She graduated university with a major in fine arts and a minor in economics which is a perfect herald for how her career would unfold. Even then she strived to combine the aesthetic with the usable. The desire to create beautiful design in service to business needs has been a driver from her early days as an information architect pushing the boundaries of creative development and user-centered design at top-notch creative agencies, to today and the joys and challenges of being the founder and CEO of Velvet Hammer Design.

Her most Frequently Asked Question is “How can I elevate my clients’ products and services to be the best they can be?” captures those aspects perfectly. She enthusiastically says that she’s fortunate to have been able to assemble an incredible team of creative experts who answer that question every day. Together they’ve delivered compelling user experiences and a wide range of strategic and creative solutions for companies like Sony Pictures, Ace Hardware, Incase, Behr Corporation, Fluidmaster and myoscience.

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