Photo of Lex Roman

Defining Growth Design with Lex Roman

July 11, 2019 by UX-RADIO

UX-Radio presents Defining Growth Design with guest Lex Roman

Lex’s clear definition of Growth Design is intriquing and her insights are inspiring. In this episode she breaks down the why, what and how of growth design. As a special bonus she selflessly dedicates her passion, awareness and outreach, and practical examples for all of us to improve the homelessness in Los Angeles and beyond.

Show Notes

  • 1:00 What is Growth Design
  • 7:30 Linking Design to Business Goals
  • 21:00 Metric Pain Points
  • 22:45 Homelessness in Los Angeles
  • 40:54 Advice to UX or Growth Designers
  • 41:29 Legacy
  • More About Lex

    Lex Roman is the Senior Product Designer focusing on Growth initiatives at the Black Tux. She believes that design has measurable value and should contribute to product growth. As a result, Lex has become facile with data – leading product analytics at startups and defining measurement strategies for over 30 companies.

    Lex also worked at Burner and agencies like Carbon Five, Neo and Kluge helping clients drive up conversion and reach new audiences. Past clients include: Toyota, Nissan, Macy’s, Prosper, Joyable and Deloitte. In her spare time, Lex uses her design skills to give back to her community, advocating for more housing and a more accessible city.