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Convincing Stakeholders why UX Research Matters with Krispian Emert

February 8, 2019 by UX-RADIO

UX-Radio with guest Krispian Emert about Convincing Stakeholders why UX Research Matters

Krispian talks to us about tactics to effectively justify the need for UX Research with organizational stakeholders. Learn how to leverage yourself more powerfully inside organizations.

Show Notes

1:00 World IA Day
21:15 UX New Zealand talk – Optimal Sort
24:00 Tips to leverage yourself in organization
27:00 Changing the mindset to breakthrough with stakeholders

More About Krispian

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  • Krispian has over 12 years’ experience in all stages of UX — from strategy and conception through to consulting, production and implementation. She’s worked for award-winning agencies in Canada and Australia and also worked for some of the world’s top brands, including Facebook, The NFL, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, ING, and Toyota. She’s currently serving as the Director of Education for the Information Architecture Institute.

    She uses qualitative UX research to bring a human-centered approach to improve products, services, and systems — transactional systems, enterprise-scaled and global experiences across multiple touch points and platforms.

    Krispian is very keen to improve the discipline of UX, and she is often found evangelizing the craft — as an instructor of information architecture and design thinking — and at speaking engagements at conferences and universities worldwide.

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