Photo of Dorelle Rabinowitz

Creating Design Systems with Dorelle Rabinowitz

November 19, 2018 by UX-RADIO

Dorelle Rabinowitz leads the Global Design Community of Practice at PayPal, driving the creation of tools, frameworks and methodologies to support meaningful and cohesive end-to-end customer experiences, while fostering an atmosphere where strong design thinking and high design quality are expected and celebrated. Previously, Dorelle was the design strategist for Intuit’s Harmony Design System where she helped multiple teams design, document and unify an ecosystem for small businesses. Before that, she directed UX teams at eBay, Google, and Yahoo!. Dorelle has deep expertise in system-level creation and development of design languages, and she has a teeny teeny thing about Elvis.

Show Notes

  • 1:24 How Dorelle got started
  • 2:15 Experience working at Yahoo
  • 4:15 Creating Google’s Design System
  • 9:30 Design Systems are never ‘done’ and how to make it sustainable
  • 10:12 PayPal UI
  • 14:00 PayPal’s Research Team
  • 15:30 Ideal team structure
  • 20:00 What does “Community” mean at PayPal?
  • 25:00 Voice UI, AI, Machine Learning at PayPal
  • 28:55 Dorelle’s Legacy
  • 30:00 PayPal is hiring!
  • 31:00 Advice for candidates applying at PayPal

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